Local, Unique & Hand-Crafted Shopping: April’s Featured Stores

Introducing our new featured store series:  Since we launched in 2011, over 2500 local and independent stores have signed up with Giftery.me to include their products in our gift directory and wishlists. From fashion to home goods, electronics to toys, these stores offer an eclectic array of interesting, unique and often one-of-a-kind products. Each month our team features three independent stores to share their story and products.

Tammie, creator of Tramp Lee designs, started making handbags for her daughter never expecting much more than a hobby. But her passion turned into a business. Using unique fabrics and materials to create ‘bohemian style’ bags, scarves, and cowls, her goal is to give people products that are different… special.

Diana of Skinplicity calls herself a “spa girl” taking over 30 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist & esthetician and applying it to create a line of natural skin care products. An immediate hit with friends & family, Diana’s opened an Etsy shop to offer her locally made (in Oregon), artisan products without the typical price-tag.

Carolyn started Sleepy Cat Jewelry at the suggestion of a local art gallery owner. As the sole employee, she’s built the business herself, learning a lot more than just art but her focus remains on the product. Inspired by nature and romance, her store offers handcrafted jewelry from pendants to necklaces, earnings, and more.

For more products from unique and one of a kind stores, visit our search page.

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For Our Shopify & BigCommerce Partners: Wishlists for Websites Is Getting an Upgrade.

Hello store partners!

As you [hopefully] know by now, we launched Wishlists for Websites a few months back to bring the list browsing experience right to your ecommerce store and since then many of you have tried the app providing all sorts of feedback and ideas. Today announcing a major upgrade which will be rolling out in just a few weeks and this is your chance for the first sneak peak at the upcoming changes. Take a look below at the major updates and when you’re done going through it all [please] chime in with your questions, comments and any last requests…

Quickly, for those who aren’t familiar, Wishlists for Websites lets you bring list browsing [and buying] right to your site with a quick to install & free to use app. So while your visitors still get the flexibility and features of a universal gift registry to keep them engaged with you, their friends & family shop directly on your site to help simplify the process and earn you a sale.

Improved Style & Experience

Every step of the process, every page, every image has been reviewed and tweaked where needed. From shorter pages [for easy scrolling] to bigger images [to keep the product in the spotlight] we’ve made our app more inviting, more useful and easier to navigate through.

New Wishlist Pick Page

Mimicking the experience of the full Giftery.me experience we’ve added in an intermediate pick page between the list and buying which brings in all the relevant details on the item and pick. Critical points like availability and shipping rise to the top while easily-accessible sharing options helps spread the word on your store and products.

New Buying Info Bar

When it comes time to buy a gift we’ve done away with the popup and now open the product page [from your site] with a permanent bar up top holding all the important pick details. From availability to notes, the shipping address and the option to update the list, it’s an easy way for gift shoppers to keep everything they need to checkout as they move along.

* Note: We used REI because they sell great stuff but this is just for demonstration purposes only; no endorsement or partnership is implied.

Expanded On Site Registration

For those looking to start a registry we’ve expanded the sign up page bringing in more options, support for weddings and concluding with a co-branded welcome message and link back to your store. Visitors can also sign up right from the List It button on your product pages… Either way works.

Wishlist Pick Management

Finally we’ve included basic management for list picks. From changing quantities to removing items, registry owners can manage what’s on their list without leaving your site.

So there you have it… Lots of changes and that we’re very excited to be getting out there but we’re also looking for those last ideas to add in so leave a comment, send us an email, write a tweet or facebook post.

Also be sure to view our Universal Gift Registry for Shopify

For those already running our app no changes will be needed from your side and if you’d like to give it a try, just visit the store manager for instructions [it's free of course].

This Week on Giftery: 4 Artist Created Gifts Ideas for the Home

This year as a part of our mission to create a truly universal gift giving service we’re bringing one of a kind creations, hand made crafts and truly original pieces to Giftery.me by partnering up with thousands of independent designers and small business. Every few weeks we’ll be featuring a few of the wonderful finds shared on our site to inspire a gift idea, wishlist pick or just lead towards a new store to browse and pass around.

Sara Hunter Designs combines every-day functional house items with completely unique and fun design styles from mermaids to swirls and lots more in between. Our pick is her butter dish from the Turtle Series ($35).

Glassometry (how cool is that name!) designs a range of hand-made and one of a kind glass items like what you’ve seen at the art galleries but at much more manageable prices. Our pick is their glass flowers ($30 each).

RDelean Designs is a photography shop that takes the beauty of the every day and brings it back with products ranging from cell phone cases to pillows. Our pick is their “Adventure is Waiting” canvas print ($25 & up).

Paige Puckett Pottery & Prints brings a unique character to home creations bringing wonderful quotes, images and styles into each piece they produce. Our pick is their hand crafted casserole dish ($70).

If you sell craft products and want to suggest an item for our next blog post please leave a comment on our Facebook page or send a Tweet. And please be sure to sign up for Giftery.me as well; it’s free and open to every store.

The problem with your website’s wishlist is that it’s about you, not the person using it

Put yourself in the shoes of the every day shopper for just a minute… What is everything you want? Where do you go to buy it all? While your list will differ from mine I can guarantee that it’s not all sold at just one place. People want selection. That’s why the mall has been so successful for retail: there’s a bit of everything and while sometimes there’s overlap, selection benefits everyone who participates.

But online commerce has been built with isolation in mind.

When stores started moving online they abandoned the benefit of collective choice in hopes of winning over exclusive interest. Now everyone wants to be important enough to stand on their own yet the result is window shopping on a mass scale. Where retail looks for double digit and sometimes higher than 50% conversions, 3 or 4% is considered good online. It’s simply expected that people wander off and why not; if ecommerce is going to live in isolation, with the click of the mouse the shopper is simply going to create their own mall.

Delivering a unique experience does not mean existing in a silo. Continue reading

The latest from Giftery.me: New Updates & Improvements

Hey there Gifters! It’s been a few months since I last shared an update on our service but there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes that I’m excited to bring to you today…

After a non-stop holiday season [Crazy to think Christmas was 2 months ago] we stepped back, reviewed the feedback many of you sent in, and have been heads down focused on what you could really call the basics. From the way you pick products to how your wishlists look and our entire mobile experience, Giftery.me has been updated and polished in a way that we think will make things easier. Continue reading